Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today my little man turned 8! :) Poor baby didn't have a great weekend but seemed to have a really good day.

He got sooo sick at school on Friday and had to miss his parade and first baseball game of the season. He has had many others and really needed to stay home and rest. His float won the division so he got a new medal to show off. Today he was much better! His party isn't until next weekend so today was an "E decides" day. :) He picked our lunch spot and the movie - Monsters v. Aliens...3D style. ICEE's and candy to go with the movie and then a trip to the game store to spend a little $$. Dinner was his choice too. Now he is playing with the present he got from his mommy and brother. Too bad tomorrow is school/work day.

Even with a sick older brother, N really enjoyed his first day as a player! Parade, Opening Day Ceremony and his first official game! He had a great time (until he realized he would not be on the ground to catch all the candy being thrown around during the parade). I rode in the float to help with making sure no little monkeys jumped out or threw candy at any one's head. I had my poor flip flopped feet stepped on more times than I can count but it was so worth it!

Friday night was spent finishing the floats and candy shopping - ever looked for a big bags of candy with no nuts and not processed in a factory that processes nuts? YIKES! Saturday was one long day but it was AWESOME! My babies are growing up too fast. I was so sad that E didn't get to participate but he took it better than I expected. I got my first sunburn of the season! Yes, sadly it is the first of many. Saturday night I crashed! I was at A's house and couldn't seem to gather much energy..luckily soaking in a hot tub and having a glass of wine does not require energy!

I currently type this while listening to E & N sing into the Wii (trying so hard not to laugh), sunburned, tired and buried under a pile of laundry that I did not get to this weekend. The best part? I DON'T CARE! :) I love that I got to spend my weekend covered in paint, chasing five year olds in cleats and wearing stylish 3D glasses (yep, we stole them! - If I have to pay $3 more for the movie the glasses are mine!). I am so tired I can hardly believe it is not yet 8:00!

Monday...please take a vacation and come around in a couple of days? And to J...if you are reading this Cesar Chavez day is NOT a holiday...get to work lady! You better be ready to show up at the gym! :)

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  1. It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend, even with a sick little man. I can't wait to do all the stuff you're doing...although I'm exhausted just reading about it!

    And Cesar Chaves day is sooooo a holiday for some of us. Woohoo!!