Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, we are all still trying to adjust to the time change and our crazy new schedule. Ethan is loving baseball practice and Noah can't wait for his games to start. Our audits are over and now we get to enjoy the task of responding to all the inquiries from the DOI and the carrier..I can hardly wait! I am still trying to find time to get to the gym - bat wings are relentless! I feel like if I move my arm to fast I might knock someone out. I am actually the only one who doesn't seem adjusted. (See below)

It sounds like Ethan had a small asthma attack at his dad's this weekend and for some reason wasn't given his medicine? He seems to be okie dokie now (other than this terrible cough). The asthma thing is relatively new for us. His first attack was last summer and ended us up in the emergency room for several hours (sitting in the ER alone with a kid that can't breath is terrifying!). We had some additional tests taken and all attended an asthma management class and then it seemed to go away. We did the maintenance medicine for several months and then his doctor suggested we ween him off just to see if it was asthma or a result of a lung infection he had. No symptoms, no issues so I thought maybe it was a misdiagnosis...guess I was wrong. Back to carrying around his rescue inhaler. It sounds like it is allergy induced (also new) so it will probably only be an issue during the spring time. It just scares the heck out of me when he starts having trouble breathing..heart attack here I come!

Question of the day: So is it possible to be bored and under stimulated while being totally stressed out and busy? I have all these things going on in my life with work and the kids...we are never home! Work is stressful and I feel like I am not doing a great job managing the schedule/housework/homework/life and that bothers me a lot! Not doing a good job isn't really an option for me. No back-up plan here! Still, I feel restless and slightly bored at times. It seems crazy to fall into bed totally exhausted and still feel like I want to do something bigger...better...that I NEED to do something? We typically leave our house at 6:45 in the morning and return sometime after 7:00 to accomplish homework, dinner, playtime and bed. I have no idea where I would fit this "new item" but I still feel like I want something (maybe it is just to be better at what I need to do?)? What could it be and how do I find it? HELP...anyone? :)

Tomorrow both of my babies get Trimester awards at school. I get to take a late lunch to go cheer them on. I love it!

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  1. Um, hello - bored and understimulated while stressed out and busy calling. You could not have found a better description of...me!

    I feel you - I am all about learning something new every day, and picking up and trying new things, yet...when to do that? And I don't even have kids and their schedules to worry about.

    I haven't found the answer yet, but know that I'm out there looking for it with you. :)