Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Nothing but some more random thoughts about the week. :)

We had a really good/crazy/busy/fun weekend. Friday night was practice for N and then my niece and nephew spent the night with us. Friday after N's practice I took said niece to the Galleria for her birthday present. I always buy her stuff from LUSH (our favorite store) but this time she got to go and pick out her own stuff...she LOVED it. I also got to run in to W&S and get this pan I have been dying for. It probably isn't normal to be so excited over a pan but I was. It is a stove top waffle pan. It makes seven little waffle shaped pancakes. I used it first thing Saturday morning and the boys loved it as much as I had hoped and it was totally fun to cook in. The rest of Saturday was errands and more baseball and then that night was the big birthday party for my niece. She turned 12 and told everyone at her party that my present was her favorite...this was before she even opened any other presents yet...so cute! Sunday the friends and fam came over for a candle party and we all had a blast and a couple bottles of wine.

Monday was a Monday. Work was a little crazy but then I met up with J at the gym and worked out (and whined..ALWAYS) and then banged my knee...HARD! Today it is bruised and it hurts (enter more whining).

Tuesday was busy! I had a Dr. appointment that ran long and I promised E & N the new Star Wars movie so I stopped by Target to pick it up and guess what else I found? A NEW BLUE OCTOBER CD (I can't wait to listen to it) AND A WII FIT! The actually had one in stock. We have been wanting the FIT forever and now with baseball cutting into the gym time I am hoping it will help me get a little more exercise during the week. The boys were thrilled with the movie and the FIT. We got home from E's practice a little late so no playing it tonight but I am sure we will make up for it soon.

My baby will be eight in a few short days. I can hardly believe it. I remember when I was pregnant with him and now watching him grow into such a good little man. I am so proud of the little person he is..even when he is a monster. I worry that I don't do enough to show him how to be a good "man"...since I am not one. He gets good influences from his grandpa and uncles but I just wonder if it is good enough? Mommy hasn't picked such great men (I'm 0 for 2 in that department) so she has decided to give up on that prospect for awhile in hopes that what he and N get from family will be enough for now. Either way he will always have a mom that loves him to pieces and is always willing to play catch and watch boy movies. I wish I didn't also have to try and like bugs and lizards..YUCK! N is younger and I think gets a lot from his big brother. They are the best little monsters in the world!

Opening day for Little League is this weekend and we are AMPED! Parades, opening ceremonies, games...bring it on! Don't forget the sunflower seeds...WOOHOO! Today also felt a little closer to summer...did you feel it? :)

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  1. It is SO normal to get that excited over a pan...you should see the drool that covers my WS catalog! And I am totally jealous, I was going to get that pan!