Sunday, March 8, 2009

We should all be sleeping!

We should all be sleeping now but we aren't. I can still hear E & N laying in their beds talking about all things important to little boys. They are having trouble with the time change and I am too busy dreading/worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

We had a busy weekend (friends, sleepovers, a million baseball practices) and the boys didn't get much sleep so I had hoped tonight would not be a problem. They rode their scooters to the park and we played for almost two hours and then came home and played some more - bubbles and more scooter riding. They took a long hot shower before bed and none of it seemed to work. We sat down and had a chat about our busy week ahead. They promised to get up each day with no fights or whining. At no time did I actually believe that would be our outcome but at least it gives me something to remind them of. E does pretty good in the morning but my little N is not much of a morning person when it comes to school days. Give him a Saturday and he is up and ready to go at 6! :)

I almost never miss my alarm but I am one of those that worry when the schedule is different - it will be the one time I don't get up. Early trips to the airport, early office days, first thing in the morning appointments or field trips. Tomorrow is a day that I MUST be on time and fully functioning. Everyone that knows me knows that I can't be late...I'd rather be 20 minutes early than 5 minutes late so it is unlikely that tomorrow will be a problem. BUT....I can't seem to shake the nervous feeling that settled over me when I left the office on Friday night. I made sure that everything was perfect for our audit team (all 12 of them). The files were organized, the room all set, computers working properly. My boss even called this afternoon to let me know that he stopped by the office today and everything looked great. Tomorrow is a day when I will be the one they direct their questions at. Questions that I have been able to answer for years and yet tomorrow I feel like I will surely say the wrong thing to the wrong person and some how that will be the end of us. Realistically I know that I will probably not be the downfall of my company (I hope) but usually the people that come into our office for our semi-annual audits are people we know - I answer their questions for a week and feel confidant that what I am telling them is exactly correct. This time is different. These people don't know us or understand how we run our business or why we each hold the position in the company that we do. D will have her hands full tomorrow with the NY audit team and I with the DOI audit team. She will be faced with a barrage of financial questions and I with underwriting questions. I have already promised her Starbucks in the morning in hopes that it will be the shining light that gets us to the afternoon...after that is any ones guess!

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