Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am not one to admit defeat but I am starting to feel as if I might lose my mind very soon. I just need to make it to 4/1 and life might just go back to whatever craziness we consider normal.

Here is my week so far (I know most would look at this and think it really isn't all that busy):

WORK - We are going to be audited at work...not by one company but two! We will have 12 people swarming our office in just a few short days. I think the prep work might kill me so I may not have to worry about surviving the actual audit. I have all of my normal work to do plus this. As I type this blog I am signed into my work computer checking emails. My company was recently purchased by another co out of NY so we are also in the middle of "integration hell" and it all needs to be up and ready by 4/1...seriously - are these people all nuts? How do we do all these major projects at the same time? I mostly feel sorry for D & N (D you know from prior posts and N is our IT manager..I swear he may quit at a moments notice). Of course I feel sorry for me too. God created Starbucks and wine for weeks like this. :)

HOME - Both of my lovely, wonderful sons signed up for little league this year. YEAH - N is old enough and so excited. I LOVE going to the games and cheering them on. I really don't like baseball unless it's one of my boys! So I get a call about 20 minutes ago that E will have a team meeting tomorrow night - thanks for the notice. N's coach called over the weekend and his practice schedule is set - Friday nights a 6 and Saturday's at 2:30 - gosh, thanks you for hacking my weekends to pieces. I should get E's info tomorrow so I will see how to squish this in with or normal activities - work, gym, church, school, more work, family, friends, chores. UGH! :) I so wish that PT dad wanted to be more involved - I could not imagine missing one single moment of E & N's lives...they bring me more joy then I could have ever imagined but it would be nice if he could take care of some of the work. Most of my friends have already heard my horror story of taking E to by a cup last year...seriously - I was at a total loss and most of the men in the store thought it was hilarious.

I am so thankful that I love my crazy life and all those in it. I love that the boys are so involved in school, sports and church and that I get to see them every day of my life. I actually love going to they gym and I really do like my job very much...I think the stress of trying to keep up and do everything the best way possible is making my head spin a little. I mentioned before my great friends and family. My parents are great! A & N, M & E, MK, MG, D..what would I do without them...I hope I never find out! :)

I guess this post is a little whine and a little gratefulness. When I started typing I thought it would be mostly whine...since I did a lot of that today (just ask D) :) Well...back to work!

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