Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Friday

I am a huge fan of Friday! Yes, it is still a work day (yep, I am there right now! D don't tell on me..PLEASE!) but I feel like we get up and out of the house to accomplish what we must do and then we get to go off and do what we want to do.

Today is such a beautiful day! Work has been ok (yesterday my boss bought me Starbucks in the morning, took me to lunch in the afternoon and brought me two different kinds of candy in the afternoon - if had hadn't also brought me a mountain of additional work I might have thought he lost his mind), I got to take my friend to lunch for her almost birthday, N has practice this evening and we have a crazy weekend ahead of us but still I am full of optimism that it will be great.

I very much enjoy my kid free Saturday's and the chance to be an adult to hang out with my friends, have a margarita or two, shop and so on...but nothing compares to my kid weekends! We are free to do whatever we like as a family! No early bedtimes, no homework (gosh, I sound like a little kid!). Friday night we usually get dinner out (nothing fancy but we like to sit down and talk about the week) and then hang out at home. Saturdays are usually pretty busy with errands, cleaning and all - but still no early bedtimes. Sunday mornings are the BEST! I usually cook breakfast - pancakes and bacon if they get their way and then we will snuggle in my bed watching cartoons while I read the paper. I will admit that last Sunday N and I consumed a large quantity of Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching Ratatouille in bed..I do believe I still have crumbs and the sheets have been cleaned. E will usually wander off long before N does. Since the weather has been so nice the afternoon usually brings us to the awesome park by our house and the occasional walk to our local Starbucks. My lovely children have never, ever said no to a weekend trip to Target or Starbucks. On rainy weekends we watch movies or the boys will put puzzles together. They LOVE them - we have lots glued together and hung on the walls in the playroom. The Wii gets pretty regular use on rainy days too.

I can feel summer coming..can't you? I can hardly contain my excitement...nothing beats a weekend in summertime! Swimming, Little League games, playing outside, riding bikes, longer days...(heavy sigh of joy)! I usually feel so ready to take on a new challenge in the is invigorating.

Rain or shine..weekend here we come! :)

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