Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vegas baby!

I have been to the bright lights of Vegas several times in my life and got to stay at some amazing hotels. The only catch was they were mostly business trips. Well, not this time! :) My very good friend M lives in Las Vegas with her husband and four adorable kids - 2 girls and 2 boys. Yesterday was her birthday so I decided to fly down to see her for a couple of days to celebrate. I flew in early Friday morning and we went straight to an amazing out door shopping plaza. The only thing I can compare it to is The Fountains @ the Galleria except this one was three times the size. The Old Navy reminded me of a Nordstrom - cute displays, very helpful staff and tons of selection. Needless to say - we SHOPPED! We had a great lunch and got to catch up a little. We talk or email each other several times a day but it isn't the same as good old face to face contact. That evening we went to dinner and just got to hang out some more - you are never at a loss for things to see and do in Vegas. I spent the night at her house and then got to hang out with the kids - too cute! OH - I forgot to mention the built in trampoline in the backyard...SO FUN...and no trips to the emergency room for me. I had to fly home yesterday since my babies were going to be home early Sunday morning from PTD's house.

McCarren airport has a Carvel's. We only had one in great Sacramento for a very short time - too bad they didn't have a fudgey the whale. Even without Fudgey it was still one of the best trips.

Since I know M reads this sometimes I just have to say again - Thanks for having me. Love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tell my new friends I said Hi from California. :)

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