Thursday, November 19, 2009


My children are brilliant! :) No, really, it isn't just me! Today was PTC day for both of the boys. PTD always love to come to these and take credit for the boys overall attendance, homework completion, overall smartness and preparedness for school. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? He comes for the one-on-one "hey look at me teacher, I care". E's teacher didn't even know who he was. N's did but only because she has had both boys in prior classes. I know that it doesn't change the anything but I don't understand how you can feel ok about taking credit for something you had no part in. You don't fight N out of bed, argue with him to do homework, praise them and help them when they are doing well or confused. I can tell you, listening to a six year old try and read something that is difficult is not entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be a part of that. I am grateful that I get to be the person that shapes them, but it isn't all fun, games and pats on the back. Well, enough on that....

E is in the 3rd grade and is now reading at the end of 5th grade level. He was offered a spot in the GATE program again. Does wonderful in all subjects and is a very helpful, responsible child. WOOHOO, way to go E!

N is an author in the making. His teacher showed me his journal. The kid has this crazy imagination and wrote the most detailed stories about things he doesn't know about. Did you know that elephants are grey because they are too big to hide so they lay down and pretend to be rocks. How awesome is that! He is also a class leader, makes sure no one is left out or picked on. His teacher wouldn't believe that he is anything but perfect at home. Um...yeah, right!

After those fantastic meetings we picked up A & H and took them with us to my office to see their mom and congratulate her on a new position. Then I took all four punks out for ice cream to celebrate their wonderfulness. :)

The boys and I have just been hanging out the rest of the night. We all laid by the fire for a little while and watched TV. Tomorrow they go with loserface for two nights. He hasn't kept them for two nights in a long time. He has suddenly decided that he might give it a try. Even if he doesn't plan to see them on Thanksgiving...way too go!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Drinks with D, maybe a trip to Target. I really want to see New Moon (but maybe not this weekend), J and I are planning some girl time on Saturday possibly and DC and the fam are coming over Sunday night for dinner...I can't WAIT! I miss them mucho!

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