Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Love TV!

I loved Taylor Swift's monologue on SNL last night!
The Soup/The Dish are hilarious!
The Good Wife is the BEST new drama.
Still gotta love The Hills/City.
Sunday Football is awesome / Monday Night Football is Better!
Why are there so many wonderful cheesy movies on TV to compete with my need for football?
Dexter is on in less than two hours.
Law & Order CI marathon is on.
I will watch/skim the Kardashian Wedding - I have no idea why but I feel compelled to see it!

Umm, I think I need a TV detox. Maybe a book or some even! I don't think I have ever watched so much TV in a two day period. (Other than when I was sick and that was mostly in and out of consciousness while the TV was on.) This was pure joy! I am a slacker, with an unkempt house...however, my children have been thrilled with the day. Did I mention we have brownies from last night? WallE has loved it as well. He has spent most of the day under the covers with us!

Anyone want to come clean my house, fold our laundry, go to the grocery store, take the kids to school and go to work for me so that I can stay home and watch more TV? PLEASE!

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