Friday, November 13, 2009


Tonight I am home with my babies!

I have been so looking forward to the weekend. Work is hectic and angry lately (mostly I am angry). Too much work, too many attitudes, too much giving in. Add planning employee lunches, moving employees and travel plans and I am toast! I don't do well with unproductivity..especially when it's mine. Monday in Seattle will be, umm interesting? Tuesday will be catch up and Wednesday will be meeting and possible packing for TI work. Thursday I will have to leave early for PTC at school - still hoping they can reschedule them close together instead of trying to leave work early twice in the same week. I can hardly wait!

Today D2 took me to lunch (almost an every other Friday ritual) but today it was Zin instead of Chipotle. I had a YUMMY dish and we shared an even better dessert. We don't always see eye to eye but dessert is usually a safe bet! A dark chocolate truffle cake with ice cream and white chocolate sauce...OMG! It was awesome. :) PLUS, he mentioned the NY call went well which likely means very good news for a friend.

The week wasn't all bad - game night was fun. Wednesday night I ended up having dinner at Nana's house. Not only was is so good, but I got to hang out with A, N and M. I love those girls. Not to mention SAMMIE! God, I wish I could quit that dog. I knelt down in the kitchen to love on him and he happily agreed. Sat right down on my lap and we snuggled right there on the kitchen floor. He looked good - that baby will ALWAYS have a puppy face. Even a short bit of Sammie love is better than none. I swear he and WallE would get along great. I have no idea where I will sleep but it would be fine.

Tonight we came home and had dinner and I am trying to get some cleaning done, E is watching Elf by the fire and N is playing tug-of-war with WallE. I am enjoying a glass of wine and a couple new CD's with my cleaning and a quick blogging break. I love a clean house, with wine, lots of groceries and delicious smelling candles burning all around. The main ingredient is the boys. I LOVE when we are home together.

Tomorrow will be more cleaning and possibly some yard work and then who knows after that. Hopefully something FUN!

E was talking about something they do at their dad's house today and I asked why they don't do the same at home? N said "because we don't like doing it". So I said that must mean I no longer have to do things I don't want to do...that didn't go over well! E waits a little bit and then said "mom, at dad's we do it because he is cold-hearted and mean and you are so warm and loving." HA! That kid is going to talk his way out of EVERYTHING! The kid was totally making that up but it was still nice to hear! :)

The best part of the day? My mom went to the doctor today and got better than expected news. I hate that she is sick and we can't change it but knowing that whatever she has been doing the last year has worked in our favor and things looked ok. Ok is the best we can hope for...either way I have made her promise to live until the kids are done having kids...I think we should be good in about 20-25 years or so...right? Actually, I prefer to believe that I will always be able to call on them. I can't imagine what I would do without my dad - he knows EVERYTHING! :) How many adult children still believe that. And I can't even begin to explain my mom...she just is!

Happy weekend of babies, a house I own that needs to be cleaned, my very own yard to mow and trim, our mountain of laundry and possibly some friend fun?

(Having said that I still plan to whine about traveling to Seattle - 42 degree high and rain...blah!)

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