Sunday, December 27, 2009


I can't believe how quickly the holidays are flying by us, let alone the year! I feel like we just moved into our house - it was June, I feel like we just had Halloween and now it is almost 2010! Where did the time go?

Wednesday night J and I took the kids to check out this house we heard about that had crazy amounts of lights. Before the lights, we took them to dinner and Fro Yo. They actually didn't fight too much. The restaurant was crazy busy because of the basketball game. We tried to convince the kids that a dessert from the restaurant sounded much better than cold frozen yogurt but we got veto' cold it was.

Thursday afternoon I took the boys to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and it was adorable. After, we came home and made some more Santa cookies and then the boys got to open their presents from mom. They changed into their new pj's and we just hung out getting ready for bed. We checked NORAD to see how close Santa was to our house and he was still on the other side of the world. Around 9:00 they went to bed and around 11:00 they were still up. Santa was getting sleepy. :) Eventually they fell asleep and Santa came. Noah was certain when he got up just before 6:00 in the morning that he had heard Santa come hours earlier. He knew he heard Ho, Ho, Ho. (I do not Ho....contrary to J's belief)

Our Christmas was GREAT! The boys opened Santa's gifts and swam in the wrapping paper, boxes and new toys for the rest of the morning. Later we headed out to M's house for more presents and dinner. We played with the kids new toys, laughed, fought over who got to hold the baby next, ate, ate and ate some more. We stayed forever and just had a great time. Later that evening I took the boys over to see their dad. He asked them if they wanted to spend the night and they said yes so I was headed home alone. I figured it would be a good chance to clean up the mess and get some rest from all my Santa helper work the night before. I took one look at the mess and decided wine and TV was a much better idea. A couple of glasses and some bad TV later and I was ready to crash. It was actually pretty late (for me) and I was beat.

Saturday morning the boys came home and told me that their dad got them a BB gun to share. I'm not at all a fan of that plan but it isn't my call. I explained them how important it is to be careful and never play with it unless they are with their dad. After that we just jumped right back into the playing....with EVERYTHING! My fingers will never be the same after cutting open all that hard plastic. We played all day and didn't clean a single thing. We stayed up watching TV and checking out their new Pokemon cards in my room until well after 10:00.

Today was make-up day. We CLEANED! I'm not a fan of Christmas after Christmas so I took down our tree, our decorations, our lights and packed it all away for next year. Our house is back to normal, save the million new toys in the play room.

N's kept saying on Christmas morning "I love life!". His enthusiasm, as well as E's, for everything can be pretty contagious. It makes it so easy to have fun and be thankful for my family.

Back to work tomorrow. Short week again and lots to get done. NYE is scheduled for our house this year. I can't wait!

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