Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Update! (I love SNL!)

Friday I was pretty much a waste after spending all that time at the hospital waiting for my sister C to have her baby. Everyone thinks I am crazy for spending that much time at the hospital but that is just how we are. I wasn't alone. My other sister, three of my nieces (two of them were the laboring mothers children) and my dad. My mom would have been with us too if she had been home. I don't think any of us have ever been in the hospital without a gaggle of visitors. Nor has a kid in the family had a school performance or a sporting event without a few extra family and friends to watch. I may have lots of issues with my family but I do so love that!

I worked for a few hours and then came home to sleep for a little bit before I picked up my babies. I was greeted with the fact that PTD let his dog eat N's shoes...LOVELY. We grabbed some groceries and Chinese food and just hung out at home. It was decided that a sleepover in my bed was needed. Yes it is big but not for two squirmy kids and a big who got kicked out again? ME! That's ok, I survived.

Saturday morning my dad came and got the boys. They took in our recycling and used the money to buy mommy a Christmas present. I love my dad and those monsters. :) From N's little hints I am pretty sure I figured it out..THANK YOU DAD! Saturday night A and the fam came over for pizza and our annual tradition of lighting. We found some great houses and listened to all the kids fight and whine...why did we do this again? After a sleep over commenced at my house. N and I had some wine and watched bad TV while the kids played. A mostly read magazines. :) The two big kids passed out and the little ones ran around like crack babies until almost 1 in the morning.

We had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and then everyone went home to get ready for the kid party at Nana's that afternoon. After I got out of the shower I heard a million sirens outside our house. I look out to see all these cop cars outside our neighbors house. I think the worst only to be quickly corrected. The officers started unloading a tree, presents and food. It was AWESOME! Total holiday spirit booster. After I dropped the kids off for the party and N, A and I hit T-Bell and then off to N's dad's to return his pimp mobile. We used his mini van for the lighting. He and I watched football while N ransacked the house. :) After we went to Starbucks and then back to get the kids. We totally had plans for these four hours and ended up doing none of them...and it was still great! We always have fun.

My house is a wreck, I did no shopping and my house is a wreck (it bears repeating). I have a full week at work and a busy following weekend to catch up on all this mess. It's fine...and I will totally manage because I am special....I totally wear tank tops and sparkle like a princesses tiara! FORSURE! Anyone got a personalized doorbell?

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