Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love drugs!

The prescription variety. I have been sick, so sick!

Our Friday night was pretty low key with a birthday party for my niece and a quick trip to the store for Halloween decorations (that we still haven't put up). My niece is officially 16 today and now a licensed driver. Look out world. Her family party was Friday night and we all had a really good time.

Saturday was the kids carnival at school and I had volunteered to work from 10 - 11 and that turned into asking to be relieved at 12:15 since we had plans with A and fam later that afternoon. Things didn't go as planned since little A got sick and didn't want to go get ice cream so N and I took the rest of the kids and then got to pick up the cutest small dog that they were babysitting for the evening. I planned on cleaning and decorating when we got home around 3 but I was really tired and we decided to lay down and watch a movie instead. We all fell asleep! The rest of the day was shot so we just lounged around and went to be early.

N woke with a fever so we had to miss an event we were headed to Sunday morning so we spent the day around the house. I mostly waited on him hand and foot and watched cartoons and movies while we waited for the cable guy to come that afternoon and check on the old Internet connection. Late that afternoon he felt better and S came over to play while her mom ran some errands. Seemed like a good day. I didn't clean much or decorate before the game came on and I certainly wasn't going to miss one of the few times I actually get to watch an entire Steeler game on TV so the three of us snuggled on the couch and watched the game. They WON! and all was good. UNTIL...I woke up in the middle of the night sick.

I normally go to work if I am just a little sick but not this time. I missed 3 days! Once I broke down and got some antibiotics I started to feel a little better until I got to work this morning and realized why I hate not coming to work. 322 unread emails in three days...UGH! I didn't burn half of them today as more just kept coming in. I may never dig out of this hole. This was really, really sick. The kind of sick that prevents you from telling your 6 year old to stop eating a bag of cookies for dinner or making your 8 year old from feeding your monster dog anything with tomatoes since you know the result will NOT be good (and it wasn't). I still can't believe I let him eat cookies for dinner, I signed a reading folder without making certain he read the book, I let them do nothing all night but watch TV. I can officially go down in the BMHOF (Bad Mom Hall of Fame!) I did learn a few things while I was home.

1. One version of Law and Order is ALWAYS on and likely on 12 times a day. I believe I love them all. I feel a real connection with all the Detectives....we are totally friends now!
2. We have a lot of lawyers just waiting to help us get money from a settlement, asbestos, FICA, car accidents, your cult, the moon, name it they can make us some $$$.
3. I can no longer watch any Court TV related shows. Seriously!
4. Sleep is my enemy! I now feel like I need a nap twice a day at least. That so isn't going to happen!
5. I haven't had Starbucks in over a week and it is just WRONG! I should have know that death was around the corner when I wouldn't even drive to get Starbucks!
6. N will forever remember eating cookies for dinner and E will always remember his poor mother falling over in front of him. The poor kid wanted to call 911. N really got the better end of this deal.

My parents leave for a month on Saturday and I am so happy for them but also not sure what I will do! :( I don't remember the last time I have gone that long without seeing them (yes I do, and it wasn't good. My mom got really sick and the were far away and didn't tell us until it was over!). My dad was over tonight helping me with a project. That guy knows everything about is awesome. Well, I have some work to get done...Ha, like anyone will notice with all the things I won't get done!

I am still very glad tomorrow is Friday. May we all stay well! Birthday party, possibly a movie, mountain o'laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, working, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks! :)

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