Thursday, October 1, 2009

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I got nothing tonight so a title seems useless but I felt like getting it all out. I am done with this week for several reasons and all happen to be work related. BLAH!

Monday was just that...Monday. They should move Dexter to Monday so I have a reason to rejoice.

Tuesday I was funky, blah, sissy-whiny baby (I believe I used just those words in an email to J). Later someone made an off-handed remark and it totally threw me off...kinda ruined my day. It was just unexpected so I didn't know what to say really so it bummed me out. Must have just been one of those days. But then family skate night was a mere couple of hours away so I snapped out of it and picked up the boys for some BK - I LOVE BK and never go. The last time was skate night last year. We skated like rock stars for a couple of hours. No broken bones or trips to the hospital so we had a great time. A's poor toe is funky again (seriously doctors...get a handle on this already would you?) so no skating for her. I got to spin around the floor lots of times with little A and my N. E and H could have cared less...those two are maniacs (adorable but nuts!) We all three got roped into working booths at the PTA carnival on Saturday - I can hardly wait! The Good Wife was on - second episode was as good as the first.

Wednesday the boys and I went in search of their Halloween costumes. They both got one and I got some things I need and then came home and watch The Hills and The City from the night before. Yep, I am so that big of a dork! I did read an article that the target demographic for those shows is 15-34 and I am still in that range so does that make it ok? Not so much? Ok, I read the news as soon as it is over.

Today was gym day and I sucked! I was pumped to go and then woke up with a raging headache. I was so used to living with headaches before glasses that I just naturally lived on a steady stream of Excedrin. I haven't had a real headache in weeks so I think I may have just been a sissy about it. My brain got confused - it thought we were done with those. I am still hoping that we are done with the migraines...UGH! After about 40 minutes of gym time I mentioned to J that I really wanted Panda did she! I love going to the gym with someone who isn't totally Type A about it. We have fun when we go...we gossip, listen to music, not hear our children fight and sweat our asses off (well not yet, mine is still extra large and I would rather sweat my bat wings, belly and back fat off first). It's fun! Some days I just ain't feeling it and today was one of those days. So we did a quick workout and then hit Panda across the street with the kiddos. I had a great time, even if my youngest child decided to be a MONSTER! I know most people would find this insane that I work out only to then go eat but I happen to think it was a great idea. As I explained to the girls at the gymcare, I am a bitchy skinny girl and I don't care to be hungry so I guess I have to live with what I got. I like going to the gym to make sure I don't become bigger than a house but skinny isn't for me. Starbucks, chocolate, wine, chips & salsa, margaritas, bread...ummmm did I miss anything? I guess I should go to the gym 5 days a week for 3 hours at a such luck universe!

Tomorrow is Friday and D doesn't have to work - jerkface! :) My niece is having her sweet 16 party tomorrow...woohoo! At some point this weekend I have sworn to get my house in order. Good God, I should have started 12 days ago. A mention was made of having ice cream at a totally yummy place on Saturday. Ice cream should be added to the list above. I love you ice cream and didn't mean to forget you.

WAIT....the best part? I get to go see baby L! He was born last week and I haven't gotten to squishy him yet. I can hardly wait. I love me some baby love and I bet he is adorable! AND, he doesn't live in my house so I get to steal him and return him. I also haven't seen D since she went out on maternity leave so I am stoked for that too.

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