Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Star Child

E's performance was adorable! It was a pretty warm day today and he had to be outside in jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt for a good hour waiting to perform. S had an adorable prairie dress. They sang their songs and then we walked around and checked out some of the stuff. The kids did an obstacle course a million times. I loved watching the kiddos but I also loved getting to hang out with friends at the same time! J and S carpooled with us over to the community center and D came and brought Little T and baby L. I miss her and was so glad to get to hang out. :) Yeah friends, kids and sunshine!

After the performance J and I took the kids to lunch with some kids eat free coupons we got. We ate and ate some more. My children were dorks (normal behavior!) and we had a good time (no one was kicked out and I don't even remember any disapproving looks). We were eating at an odd time of day - in between lunch and dinner. We ran by my grandma's to pick up some pomegranates for J and the fam. My children then invited themselves over to her house and she obliged them. She even said I could come home and nap. Well, that didn't happen but that's ok. So I went back over and hung out at her house for a little while where my child made several inappropriate remarks, one of which I rightfully lost my mind over! I was appalled at his was terrible. He cried and apologized and J said it was ok but I felt awful. We have moved on and she didn't kick us out so I guess it is ok. She even let S come over for a sleep over.

I am tired! I spent the first two and a half hours this morning chopping up trees and fighting pomegranates to the ground. I almost fell of the ladder a few times...that was fun! Next thing I knew it was 10:30 and we had to rush home to get ready for the performance. B said he would come back another day to help me finish it. PLUS, I broke my lopping sheers on a stupid branch! Ok, so it wasn't a branch it was more like a trunk but whatever...I beat the tree but it beat my sheers. B said he things he can fix them so we will see. They weren't top of the line or anything so I will live. Grandma is somewhat appeased for the time being and we have pomegranates coming out of our ears and no, I don't can or make jam!

No idea what we will do tomorrow. Sleep maybe? Laundry, dusting, baking and maybe some yard work in between catching the games. I also need to get some semblance of a Halloween costume together? Hmmmm.....

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