Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Friend!

So my BFF turned 30 this Saturday and N and I spent two months planning her big surprise party. Warned people to be busy that night if she asked, made sure the kids were taken care of, order the cake and all that jazz. Guess what? She found us out! It wasn't her fault and all was good. So we decided to surprise the guests instead. No one knew but N and I and a couple other people. The "couple other" people did not know she told us she was in the know. SO....we made her hide in the bedroom with the dog while everyone was arriving and then while they all stood at the front door in the dark waiting for her to come in she surprised them from the back and said something along the lines of "what are you all waiting for?". It was awesome! Then the real fun began! It was a costume party and everyone looked great! Drinks were had by all, food and cake too! We had lots of great conversations. J, N and I personally offended one of the birthday girls co-workers and his girlfriend. Accidentally, of course! And somewhat hilarious...YIKES! :) A loved her party and her gifts. We had a big sleep over with a few of those not ready to drive.

I FINALLY got to meet N's BFF M! She was awesome and one of the ones that joined the after party party and ended up spending the night. Rumor has it pics are all over Facebook but I'm no longer a member so I wouldn't know about those things. :) I was shown some "interesting" (incriminating) ones that will remain in a personal collection only! Unfortunately, A doesn't find my terrible, uncoordinated, drunken dance moves to be off limits so I guess those are available for viewing. Yes, I am having a blast in them and Yes, I am that bad of a dancer. I do believe me and all my cowgirl glory were seriously busting a move to some NKOTB. And who can blame me! :) A and N both said it was a favorite not so much! No such ridiculous pictures will appear on this blog thank you very much! HA!

Sunday was a looonnnnggg day! I was not ill, just sleepy. Some party goers were ill. Sorry peeps! I promised the kids we would have a second party for her and instead she ended up cooking dinner and inviting us over. I felt silly about all of that. I brought some leftover party supplies and cupcakes and the kids had fun. We got to hear all the fun Nana and Papa had at Bridgeschool this year. And some how today was Monday already!

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