Thursday, October 22, 2009


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! WOOHOO! I actually have no idea what we did Monday after work? Tuesday J and I went to the gym. The kids were singing a Taylor Swift song from S's IPOD in the car and I secretly recorded was adorable! Yesterday D and I went and had a couple drinks after work to "discuss" some of our office issues before I picked up the boys at church (I know, even typing that it sounds terrible!). Today D and I went on a lunch time adventure and then changed our minds. After work the boys and I stopped off at A's house to pick something up and see how N was feeling. We got plans this weekend ladies...let's get it together! This sickness thing is for the birds. Nana came over for a bit and we chatted. Then the headed off to run errands. I finished up my costume shopping and ran into S - I haven't seen her in a long time (much to my hairs dismay!), then we hit Target and Bel Air to order a cake. I picked up some extra things at Target (the likes of which I can not blog about until after Saturday!). I swear that store is like a drug for me! I bet it cost me as much as a good habit would too. Tomorrow night D and I are going to dinner and a movie after work. Saturday I have some work to take care of most of the day and then a costume party that evening...very exciting!

WallE has been acting silly lately. That dog is obsessed with dirty socks. I have two boys so we are never in short supply of those. He has been "talking" lately too. He doesn't bark as much has he tries to talk. It is strange and hilarious at the same time. I love that silly dog. If only he would work on some food manners! Our house is a mess and lots of laundry considering I didn't do any last weekend. I have been on a reading binge lately and glad no one is around to stop me. I also can't seem to drag myself out of bed this week. It is killing me. I think my body still recalls the old day light savings time and does not recognize this extension! I really miss my parents but am glad they are having such a good time gallivanting around the state. I am sleepy but I need to get some laundry done for school tomorrow and I am almost done with this book I am reading. A book is such a great escape. I love to read in bed and the bath. I saw the nook today and would LOVE it but $250 so isn't in the budget these days. Christmas is right around the corner! Our first Christmas in our new house!

Ironically, the house loser (I mean my ex-husband) and I sold during our divorce just went on the market. They destroyed my house! Yes, I know it isn't my house anymore and I know that selling it and moving on was the right thing for us to do, but it was my all time favorite house. We picked out all the colors and spent a fortune on the backyard. This house was not cheap and the people who bought it from us paid some serious $$$. (I am so not bragging - I made a whopping $800 on the sale that I then paid my lawyer - FUN!) How could they just let it go? This was a brand new house and now it is listed as a bank owned fixer upper with "good bones". Meaning lots of square feet and a foundation but everything else is thrashed. I love our current house and it is a great fit for me and my three boys. I wouldn't want to go back when I have spent so much time moving forward but it still made me sad to see a wonderful house rot. I am grateful that I didn't let us sit in it and rot too.

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