Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two down...

Well, the second weekend of the new year is now over too. Man these weekends go by fast! Friday was fun, as I mentioned. Saturday we went grocery shopping...hungry! Bad plan...I can't believe how much I spent...YIKES! It was my own fault, I should have had a snack or something first but our Saturday was jam packed. We shopped, ran home and put the perishables away and then went to my sisters for my nephew's birthday. We fought over the baby, ate and then I went outside with all the kids to play. Little M & Z needed supervision and I qualified for the afternoon. We stayed later than I planned, ran home to change and gather up some things for the next party. That party was fun! It was J's belated B-day party. We hung out and ate..lots. Had some drinks, laughs and inappropriate moments...Thank you Birthday Girl! ;) We stayed late and came home and crashed.

Today was cleaning day...a little hard to get all excited about. I put a roast in the crock pot in the morning so it was ready at dinner time. My closet decided it no longer had a will to live and collapsed. What to do? I called my dad to see what measurements I should use when I go to Home Depot and if I needed more brackets or something to make sure it doesn't happen again. He said he would just come over tomorrow and take care of it while I am at work. I LOVE HIM! And, he is leaving me alone for over a month...does he know the damage I could do? Yes, he does. So I am keeping him in the dark about my painting plans. I am sure my job would not meet the standards so I'll keep that gem to myself until he is happily in AZ. :) I did buy myself a non-necessity present. It was not kid required, it was not house was just me required. It is the new coffee maker by Mr. Coffee. I used it tonight and it was AWESOME! I can't wait to try again tomorrow.

I guess I should go figure out what to wear tomorrow and then stack the rest of my clothes on the couch or something...UGH! No fun. :(

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