Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Fun!

Yesterday was work...yeah, whatever. After work, I picked up my babies and we ran a couple errands and grabbed some dinner. Then we went over and picked up the girlies for a sleep over. A & J were going out on the town...hoecakes! :) The plan was a trip to B&N for new books for all the kids and a quick run to Target for a present. A told them to be good or she would beat them tomorrow. Randomly, for the first time ever, H believed her? and started to cry. It was a little funny considering none of our children have ever been beaten and I tend to let them act like crazy people at my house. :) They play and destroy and I clean it up. So, we ran to Target first and they were excellent except poor H kept falling down...for no reason. Then we walked over to the bookstore. Each kid got to pick one book. A had some authors we tried to find and then asked the assistant. Apparently, they were out of all books...for both! WHAT? Never mind, she decided to see if she could find another author she liked. We asked the lady to direct us to a similar section and she was "not in the kid" books so couldn't help...ummm, ok. She did say that those authors were part of the teen section so we headed that way. NO WAY! Since when does teen translate to slutty relationship books. So teen girls only want to read about getting a boyfriend? No thanks. Fortunately, she agreed so we went over to the 7-12 section. H had found a series of Tinkerbell books and was trying to decide between a couple. E had found something and N was all over the place. He is an excellent reader but he doesn't enjoy it. A and I found a couple different authors she was interested in so we all hung out in the kid section checking out the possibilities. This is where the "I am a sucker." comes into play. Everyone had two books they were trying to decide between. So...they all got two and I spent almost $100..WHAT, how did that happen? :) H's books were buy 2 get one free so she got to get a third. We went over to Starbucks for hot chocolates for the drive home. Did I forget to mention the 100 trips to the bathroom?

We came home and made a massive bed in the living room using the boys mattresses and just hung out. Games were played, books were read, TV was watched. N fell asleep in my room around 11 and the other kids in the living room around midnight. They weren't going to bed yet so no one had pj's on and no teeth brushing had occurred. As a matter of fact, A had jeans on and H was eating Cheetos. :) They all got up just before 8 this morning for Mickey shaped pancakes and to watch the new movie we bought - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. It's pretty cute. :)

My house is thrashed! I would love to say from the kids but that would be a big fat lie! I have a mountain of laundry, I need to mop, sweep, dust....blah, blah, blah! We also need to go grocery shopping, mom I am going to STARVE to death bad. Too bad I spent our grocery money on books (and I didn't even get one!) :) We have my nephew's party and then off to J's house for dinner and game night. Tomorrow is going to have to be a buckle down day for us. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and some serious yard work!

These baby monsters are screaming for smoothies now...I better hurry, I am totally out numbered and WallE will not save me!

WAIT, and OMG! My mother found FB last networking world beware!

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