Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh I have longed for you this week...

This has been one of the longest weeks ever! It started with my lack of sleep weekend and turned into a barfing 8 year old by Monday night. He was off and on sick until Wednesday night. Poor baby, poor me, poor washing machine! All is better now with the exception of a little more laundry!

Last night we made it to the gym finally and I took out me weeks worth of aggression in an hour and a half. I felt much better when I was finished. I sometimes forget how helpful that can really be. I told J that I was tired of whining ALL THE TIME about work, home, kids, life...blah, blah, blah. Like any of it is really that bad. It seems like it to me but I totally get that I am just being a big baby! Most of my current frustrations are work related but that is no earth shattering news. It has been and will continue to be work for a long suck it up and quit whining already! Yesterday I had the most random meeting with a guy from NY. I still have no idea why he came or why he couldn't seem to stay awake? We also had some sad news from our NY office. I don't understand the logic some people use - or I guess maybe they don't actually use logic?

Tonight is Margarita night with D and her daughter. (I am working on throwing in a trip to The Rack after...D is saying no but I bet money I can convince her daughter...easily! :) After that who knows! Saturday I really hope involves some serious sleeping in before errand running and a 1st birthday party for my nephew and a kick-ass party for J's husband! Oh how I have been looking forward to this party. Lots of us girls are going to be there and we plan to over indulge a bit (well, I know I do!) so a possible cab company phone number might be needed. As long as the rain stays away I might actual get some yard work done on Sunday...maybe!?!

Can I say that I adore Pandora radio! On my BlackBerry and on my office computer. It is so much better than most of the available radio stations.

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