Sunday, January 3, 2010

One down...

Well, our first weekend of 2010 is coming to a close. It was originally scheduled as a kid-free weekend but pleasantly ended up as a kid-full weekend. Why? Because the "sperm donor" that fathered my children is the World's Biggest Asshole! My apologies...but it is was it is people! After our "issue" on Friday morning. By issue I mean him being a jerkface and me letting him know that over the phone, he decided to "punish" me by not returning his oldest child's phone call. BRILLIANT PLAN SIR..SIMPLY BRILLIANT! Why? Because it meant I didn't have to see you, I got to run around with my two favorite little people in the entire world and sadly, they were also excited by the change in plan. YOU SUCK! It is now 9:30 on Sunday night and he never called.

Friday we lounged the day away. Watching movies and eating chips in mommy's bed with WallE. It was pretty darn awesome! We made smoothies at home, ate less than nutritious foods and snuggled.

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning. E was in charge of cart pushing at Target and decided it would be a great time to be funny! As in yell across the store that N was riding the cart because I wasn't taking care of him and his eyes might fall out...then he laughed... A LOT! I laughed too...maybe the other people in the store not so much? E swears he heard on a show that you can have analvalumia (I have no idea). When you aren't cared for properly...your eyeballs fall out! Umm, ok! After we got back from shopping A & J came over to hang out. J still looks rough from her NYE disagreement with WallE. We watched TV, lounged, ate and laughed. After N fell asleep EARLY watching a movie and E and I hung out on the couch and watched TV. Do you change the channel when that terrible SPCA commercial comes on? I DO! E didn't and started to bawl his little eyes out! We talked about how sad it was and that being the reason we rescued our dog. We decided he should become a millionaire and can adopt all kinds of dogs and I will be his helper. After, he and I decided he should just sleep with me and WallE.

Today we got up and played Battleship and then went over to my parents for lunch and the Steeler game. We WON! WOOHOO! I hope the Dolphin's second string QB is ok...he took a bad hit. My man did too and his poor arm hurts. SUCK IT WARD! He played in serious pain and threw some nice passes. LOVE HIM! :) After, the boys stayed with my parents for an unplanned sleepover. I came home and napped with WallE and then did lots of stuff around the house. Oh wait, I did nothing around the house. My bad! :)

Tomorrow is work and then back out to my parents to get the boys and have dinner. YUM! My parents leave soon for a looonnnggg time. BLAH! So happy for them but I will miss them. What will I do without my dad? Suck it up girl...that's what! They will be back in March.

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