Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I want a puppy!

Ok, not really. I would love to rescue every dog and kid I find. Today my mom was talking about going to the county to pick up new tags for Bella and going in to look at the animals. She cried, I would have too. Then after Awana we went over and saw T & J's puppy - her name is Stella and she is ADORABLE! I also happen to love their other dog, Dozer. Then we have WallE whom I adore an lets not forget my constant desire to steal Sammie. :) If only....

This week has been pretty low key for us. Monday night I picked up the boys from my parents and had dinner with them. I listened to all the fun they had while I was at work. Lucky, lucky bunch. Tuesday the boys and I came home and had dinner and then played some Wii and some Scene It...mucho fun! Tonight was a meeting about possibly closing our school and the kids had Awana. I picked up the kids after work and dropped them off and then picked up J for the meeting. We stopped to grab a quick bite to eat and I happened to run into the girl that my then BF cheated on me with. That part would have been tough enough but when you add that she pretended to be my friend so I wouldn't find out...well, that is just a little much for me. I guess she didn't seem to be bothered by it since she felt ok saying hi to me outside the restaurant. Um...seriously? I had some words ready to roll out of my mouth and yet I held them in and just walked on by. I'd love to say it was because I am a bigger person but that so isn't the truth and I am all about the truth. Kids were present and that just would have been wrong. Either way it really doesn't matter so onward and upward my friends! We ate and then hit up the meeting - not so good, I think our school is toast. Joked with A & J while we listened and then the other J and I had to leave to get the kids. Our normal ice cream place was closed so we just took the kids to McDonald's for their treat. Randomly J's hubby showed up and my children proceeded to act a fool. Something about him does that for them...especially the young one. I'm sure J just thinks I make it up and they always act that way...and sometimes they do, but it seems to increase ten fold for him. They think he is really cool so I think they like to show off.

Tomorrow is back to the gym for us and work and a whole host of other things. Right now the kids are ready for bed and I am doing some laundry. EXCITEMENT! :)

I finished my first of 50 books thanks to a challenge on A's blog and need to pick out book #2. Book #1 was something I ordered a LOONNGG time ago and never read. It turned out to be a really good book. Made me reconsider some things. Hmmm...!?! I think the next one will be a frivolous romance novel to offset it. :) The weekend is around the corner and I am excited. Friday is house work and grocery shopping, Saturday afternoon is my nephew's birthday and Saturday night is J's "party". She is supper old now so I don't know that party is the right word. Well, she says super old but she is a year younger than me so whatever! :) She tends to say the nicest things and the right times (you know, when I whine!) so I guess we can be friends. I say that like I'm not getting the better end of this deal...ha!

Interesting, the "incident" tonight was pretty anticlimactic for me. I didn't cry or get emotional. It totally irritated me that she doesn't seem to grasp the impact of her actions but as I said earlier, my reaction to these situations is all that matters now. For the most part, I didn't react so WOOHOO me! :) I'm not a pretender or good at faking it (or even trying) so I just didn't. While I would like others to feel shame (for total lack of a better word) for their actions most don't. If it had been me, I would have. "Hi" would not have been my words. I like that about me. I am glad to have a conscious, a knowledge of right and wrong, a grasp on how people should be treated. I got no shame in my game! :) I don't have to be embarrassed or nervous to face anyone in life. No, so not perfect, not even close. I make mistakes...regularly. BUT, I own them when I do. When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong (Hello, Dr. Houseman from Dirty Dancing). I can't let others negative opinions of me impact me. Believe me, I am sure the list of people who think I suck far out numbers the list of people who don't. So to make my life easier, I only hang out with the short list! :)

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  1. You're already ahead of me in the book challenge! I need to get my butt in gear and pick up a book.

    And on a random note - you are the bigger person, and you're a wonderful person at that. :)