Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The incident....

Today was not the best day ever. I had a million meetings and hours of unproductively, my bank account showed up with a mysterious charge. (NOTE TO SELF - never pay for a magazine subscription using your bank account VISA card! When said subscription is up in MONTHS the magazine may help you remember you love them and want to renew by surprising you and taking care of that bill before they even bother to send it to you...how nice!)

My last meeting ran extra long so I was late for the gym. I am guessing because it was so cold outside they decided it should be a sweltering sauna in the gym. Like I don't sweat enough at the gym...I thought I might MELT! After J and her daughter came over for dinner and cupcakes made by E & N the night before and we had fun. Both of the boys cried due to horrible injury that lasted only long enough to make sure the other person was not going to be severely punished and moved on.

We took them home and I thought would get ready for bed and have a chance to dive back into my new book. WRONG! Instead, we had "the incident". Because I do not ever intend to embarrass my children I will be intentionally vague. I can't imagine I will ever come back to read this post and not recall what happened. One of the boys had an issue with his "privacy" as the boys love to call it. First I panicked for the blink of an eye and then I went to work on the issue. All seems to be back in order and on the mend but OMG! May I PLEASE never have to deal with that again. UGH! I really don't see this as one of those single parent issues...I am pretty sure as the mom I would have been the one to take care of it...even with a million dad's around. This was strictly a parent of boys issue. The outcome appears to be fine and that is all that matters. I wish it was margarita time instead of dishes time but that will have to wait for another day. I love my children and know that I will do anything for them. That includes things like tonight as well as things like dragging our 160 pound "puppy" to school so E can have him for "show and tell". Yes, I contacted the teacher first and explained what kind of dog we are talking about..MUCH to my surprise he said sure. I guess that is what I get. :) Guess tomorrow is going to be bath day for stinky. I can hardly wait!

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  1. I wish I could have see WallE at show and tell! I'll bet no kid can ever top that.