Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today was a mess! (and it started yesterday!)

Today has just been insane! Saturday's are always roses, love and rainbows right? HA!

First, it was a million degrees outside and my various nieces had a million outdoor activities. (this from a girl who LOVES the hot weather.) I started at Z's cheer. Did I mention it was a million degrees in the "bowl of hell"? So hot that this poor little six year old football player barfed repeatedly right in front of us. Now, I am not a panicer (is that a word?) but I would have called 911 if it was my kid. He was so obviously in the middle of heat stroke. So after we baked in the melting sun for a couple of hours I had to run a couple of errands when loserface calls and tell me that I need to drive 20 minutes (each way) to pick up our children because he is otherwise occupied. And you ask? Of course he lied about the reason he couldn't bring them home - his one requirement every other Saturday afternoon. After I realized he was lying (stupidly - I mean with all his practice you'd think he would be a pro.) I couldn't exactly scream all the profanities at him I had saved in my head because the boys were now in the car. So I headed off to birthday lunch in a pissy huff. Lunch was fine and all. My sister found the yummiest Dora cupcakes...I brought home the leftovers. Now that we are adults our birthday cakes are usually the character of choice of one of our children - N loves hims so Dora. Then we go back out into the heat for K's soccer game and then off to my dad's. Dad's was nice, it always is. The kids and I swam for a little bit and then had dinner. My mom made my favorite - her New Orleans Shrimp Bisque...YUM! We then came home and it was still a little light out so I decided to hurry and get the yard work taken care of. As I am finishing I go back into the garage to grab something and what do I find. A SNAKE! OMG...... I try very hard not to ask other for help. It's my house, life, disaster, whatever and I should be able to take care of it all. (recalling the spider post) but after the day I had I could not deal with the snake so I called my brother-in-law. He came to kill the snake but from the time I screamed like a girl until I got the phone he slithered away...UGH! and we could not find him. :( Really, no where to be found. B was very nice and said I could call him if he came back. Thank you B!

I should add yesterday's unusual events to this post but I just can't muster the energy (for more typing or my laundry mountain!). Maybe tomorrow after E & N take me to the circus for my birthday...yes, I am turning 5 tomorrow thank you! My lovely sons thought the circus was a perfect way to spend the day and I agreed. Good thing I could buy tickets, drive, pay for parking, cotton candy and souvenirs for my birthday...I love those little monsters. :)

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