Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tonight is the night!

I have visions of tonight looking like a bad game of Twister. I just don't picture myself as a yoga star. I can, without hesitation, picture myself falling over during the downward dog. I'd wish me good luck but instead I will wish good luck to the person standing next to me. Hope it's J instead of a stranger. Always better to wound a friend than a stranger right? :) I bet I will truly miss the elliptical machine after tonight.

After UPDATE!:
Oh, we are so yoga masters! We actually liked it. I was really kind of surprised. We decided to add the class into our weekly rotation. I didn't hurt me or anyone around me. Some of it was a little tricky but I managed. We decided if we really stick with it we will reward ourselves with our own yoga mat. Luckily, the gym as ones available so we have time to figure it out.

We did determine that the hardest part of the gym is the car ride with three fighting monsters. It's ok, we aren't above threats. J if you read this I am so glad we got back on the wagon. It's nice having a workout pal that is willing to do it even if we whine most of the time. One of the good parts of talking for an hour! Yep, I did not speak a single word for an ENTIRE HOUR! I know, most of you don't really believe it.

Tomorrow is Friday and maintenance weekend at work so I don't have to be compelled to work. The book club meeting is at my house tomorrow night so I better plan my quick menu and finish the book. (Umm...about that last part?) :)

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