Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We did it!

J and I actually made it to the gym tonight...and for our normal workout - no quitting! While some would think our workout is lame I love it. We rocked! (HA! You would think that I wasn't posting about day 1. Hey, I take it where I can.) Thursday we are going to try a yoga class. I am bendy but not at all coordinated. J is not bendy but coordinated...if only we could be one person. :) That's ok, I am totally alright being laughed at. Bring it on!

We were laughing at the kids enthusiasm at being together tonight. They see each other every day at school, Wednesday morning and we hang out together from time to time and yet you would think they hadn't seen each other in ages. It was kind of funny but then we decided that J and I needed to feel the same enthusiasm..HA! Seriously? On the way home Little Miss S told an interesting joke in the car (not to be repeated) and she clearly didn't understand the punch line and because of that I laughed so hard I cried! She is adorable.

Soon it will be time for me to fight with my beloved WallE. He determined yesterday that the foot of the bed is not for him. He now lays his adorable little head on the pillow and waits for me to cover him up with the blanket. It reminded me so much of Sammy. It really made me miss him. :( Sammy loved to be covered up and snuggled at night. It was the best on cold nights. He was my own personal (stinky) heater. Walle apparently does too, except he is three times the size of Sammy but that's ok. WallE is a great dog and I don't mind sharing my pillows and blankets with him and his big head. He is also forced to bath regularly, much to his dismay so he isn't all that stinky. Sammie will always be my baby and nothing will replace him but I love WallE like crazy. He is one of the best dogs ever! Stubborn but awesome. :)

N's class is collecting shoe boxes for a project. We brought in four earlier and I thought that would be good. Yesterday he had a note that the class still needed 9 more so this morning I cleared the closet and gave him 8. His teacher was so sweet when we dropped them off at school. She thought I had "collected" them. I owned it and told her the all came from my own closet. My confession for the day!

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