Thursday, August 13, 2009


Can summer really be on it's way out the door? I waited and waited for summer to come and now it is almost over! I love flip flops, open-toe shoes, frozen margarita's, chilled white wine, patio dining, reading by the pool, summer fruits and veggies - all these things aren't as wonderful (or wonderful at all) when it is cold outside. I guess it will be ok since summer will be back around before I know it (this year is flying by!).

So why be happy for fall? Cooler weather? Not really my thing. I am excited because I have a fireplace this year. Beautiful changes in the leaves? Lovely, but not so much. Baggy clothes to hide my skip the gym for any reason I can come up with body? A plus but whatever. So why? FOOTBALL! :) WOOHOO! Exhibition games have already started. My team played tonight. Not my man, but my team. He was there of course and they even flashed him on the screen a couple of times. Soon my Sunday's will be filled with afternoons at home watching the game and hanging out with my boys. It really makes it ok to have Monday's again! Sunday can be a little busy for us so I tend to miss parts or most of the Sunday afternoon games (Sunday night is usually good) but knowing a good game will be on at the end of a long Monday makes it a little better. I even have NFL Network so I get Thursday games too! :) No, I am not crazy and I do not spend the extra $$$ to buy any of the pay-per-view package deals. I am ok with regular games on TV (I do pay a small monthly fee for the package that includes NFL Network). I just love knowing something I want to watch (not just watch because the TV is on) will be on. Ironically, during the off season I do love catching a Lifetime movie or two. It's almost like I am two different people. :) My other favorite fall viewing pleasure? DEXTER - seriously, I love that show! No, TV isn't the only reasons I can find to like fall but they are sadly pretty high on my list. Baking seems to be more enjoyable in the fall, reading in a good book in bed or a hot bath, Apple Hill, not having as much yard work (I live in a newer neighborhood so not a lot of mature trees to worry about falling leaves), it makes it easier to want to just stay home and hang out. I am sure there are lots of other good reasons that I am just not thinking of at the moment.

Winter...don't even get me started. :)

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