Friday, August 7, 2009

Work? But there are blogs to read!

I have been at work all day today and have done NONE of the things I set out to do (I have done work - several things in fact. Just nothing from my list). My big, long, black to-do list is still sitting on the side of my desk silently screaming at me to get to work! Sadly, I am a terrible employee today and even with my guilt over the long list of things to do, I still can't seem to stop. I am obsessed, crazed, fully immersed in a totally non-work related blog today...and I LOVE IT! :)

I recently started checking out The Pioneer Woman's blog (link on the sidebar) and really like the stories and recipes she posts. I have visited the site a few times and became a "follower". And then it happened - I found the love story! I am hooked! I am happy to see it has so many installments. AND, since I am a late bloomer I don't have to wait days for new posts. I have some errands to run after work and then going over to T's house for a little while. After, I fully intend to go home, crack open a bottle of wine and read as much of the story as I can. (Oh how I wish I had a laptop instead of a desktop!) I know that sounds like a pretty lame Friday night to most, especially considering I don't have my babies tonight, but it sounds oh so divine to me! I can't wait. :) I have a ton of cleaning to do before I go get the boys from their camping trip with Grandma & Grandpa but it can all wait! WallE will curl up on my feet and snore happily while I read into the wee hours of the night. Heaven! No interruptions, no demands from anyone in the house. WallE may need to go outside a couple of times and I will certainly need to refill my glass a time or two but other than that I am free to read until my eyes are burning or I have finished it. I heart her, her family and the awesome story she wrote! :)

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  1. I heart everything about her, her family, and her website. Glad you found her! :)