Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school for my little monsters. I decided to take the day off since they are having late-start (I hate) Wednesday. Seriously? Do you think parents are free until 9:10 in the middle of the week? Anyways, I thought it would be fun to have a back to school breakfast so I invited over A and fam and J and her daughter S for a big yummy breakfast followed by a photo shoot. I for one had a great time! Anyone else? I made waffle-pancakes, sausage, eggs and bacon. We all ate and played and then went out for a million first day of school pictures. After, we caravaned (is caravaned a real word?) around the corner to school. All the kids looked adorable! :) N cried a little when he thought I left without saying good bye and then stayed a little emotional - good thing he has Mrs. R as a teacher - we love her. E has a sub for the first week since his teacher's wife just had a baby. After everyone was happily in class A and N went off to work (sorry ladies) and J and I hit the movies. I thought The Ugly Truth was so funny! I didn't know it was set in Sacramento and it was funny to see some familiar places in the movie. I laughed out loud A LOT - not a problem since there was only one other person in the whole theater besides us. HA! We walked to Starbucks after the movie and just chatted for a little while. Soon I will leave to get my rock stars from school. I hope they had a great day! :)

Rock stars? Did I forget to tell you? My boys have formed a band and plan to be the youngest group to win America's Got Talent. "You know mom, no one five years old has ever won it!" The have a name - Welcome "The Sledge"! E will play guitar, N will be the drummer, their friend J is the lead singer and another friend T will play base. Seriously? He even asked me to shred some of his pants "not the new ones you just got me from school, of course" he informed me. When MK came to visit E asked me if we could stay at her house since she lives in LV and that is one of the places they will get to go and "oh yeah, is Hollywood next to Las Vegas mom - cause we have to go to both?" They aren't going to be a cover band either - they are working on their own material and I can't see it until they are done. I can't wait!

It was great to see MK earlier in the week too - I miss her and even if we talk everyday it sucks that we don't get to hang out and our kids don't really get to know each other. I am thankful for technology otherwise we wouldn't get to talk/email/txt five times a day! :)

Wonder how many millions of forms I will fill out tonight with our new address and phone number. It's good to be me today....woohoo! :)

UPDATE: School was a hit - all eleventeen kids said it was a great first day! 2 in K, 1 in 1st, 1 in 2nd, 3 in 3rd and 1 in 4th.

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  1. It was the best first day ever! Thanks for having us over for breakfast. It was the perfect way to start the school year. And I think we should definitely make a first day of school tradition and always go the movies. :)