Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it really Sunday already?

I can't believe this weekend skated by so quickly! Saturday we spent most of the day at the mall. My IPOD was given a clean bill of health after a quick fix and now works like its brand spankin' new! THANK YOU music gods. Did I mention the fix was F-R-E-E! AWESOME! Ran a couple other errands and had lunch.

Oh, and I am old! With a birthday around the corner I didn't really need another reminder but I got one anyways. I am now a wearer of glasses. My daily headaches have really intensified the last couple of weeks. The TV has been pretty hard to see at the end of the day. Reading still seemed to be mostly ok. Since I am nearsighted I guess that makes sense. I got some cute D&G frames. I have insurance and still wanted to cry when I saw my portion. If my head didn't hurt so bad at the end of the day I would have skipped it. I will hopefully make up the difference in slipping the mega bottles of Excedrin. We hit up the book store on the way home so I could get my book club read and the boys each got a book. So did my niece; she decided to spend another night with us too.

Today we just hung out at home and cleaned up. I straighted up the garage and finished some laundry. WallE got a, I wonder if he will ever stop acting like it is pure torture. My poor baby. My parents stopped by - I so love them! The boys and I just finished dinner and now they need baths and what not for school tomorrow and I need to figure out what to wear for our day with newco. Perhaps tonight calls for a glass of wine.

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