Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up (a day late!)

Friday night I got to hang out with A & N for a little bit. We did some shopping and errand running for the evening. It was fun! I hadn't actually been inside the mall in a LONG time. I succumbed to the usually buy one - get one gimmicks but that was ok. We hit up Starbucks (my gift from DD). I found the most lovely pair of red heels at Target - and they were on clearance for $8.00! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! :) Finally made it to Crown Books - cool store. Mostly it was just nice for us to hang out together on a Friday had been too long.

Saturday morning I took my car over to J so he could look at my brakes, I will be forever grateful to him. I walked home from their house and just hung around until the kids got home. They gave me some sad insite to the night with PTD - Seriously dude, you spend such a short amount of time with them do you have to be such a loser? Oh well, they were home safe and sound so that is what mattered. My car took a little longer than expected so I had to cancel my plans with DC :( I was sad but thankfully she understood. We ended up ordering pizza since I hadn't planned on eating at home and hadn't taken anything out. It's crazy how not having a car makes you want to leave.

Sunday the boys and I had breakfast and cleaned up around the house waiting for J. He came later in the afternoon with good news (not $500 news!) and we had transportation again. :) We had a million errands to run, groceries, Home Depot, Petsmart, and so on. Spent too much $$$ but all on things we needed. We did stop for Chipotle too (I know D you are so jealous!). Once we got home and unloaded the car I did yard work while the boys rode bikes. WHY did I wait until 4:00 to do yard work...IT WAS HOT! I finished in a couple of hours and then in the house to make dinner and fill out paperwork for school. F-U-N! I was so tired at 8:00 when the kids went to bed I thought I would just pass out. Nope, up until after 11 - I just couldn't sleep. Found some new blogs, checked my work email, watched a movie. A 2:00 WallE got in a fight with a pillow - seriously! That dog is nuts. :)

Today was Monday and not half bad. I wasn't in NY so I'm not complaining. :) Tomorrow J and I start the gym again...WOOHOO...BLAH! We will whine together and try to be motivational....yep, sure, that's us! Starbucks will be calling to me in a few short hours. Both the kids had homework tonight. I guess school truly is back in session! Tomorrow is a new day!

Man...blogging can be super vicious! I am suddenly glad to be so boring and read only by people who know me and/or people who aren't prone to calling me names. I need a drink....this is better than any soap opera I have ever seen. The sad part? This is someones life, real or fake, honest or truthful, these are really people. Messed up or otherwise. Seriously, like I would make up such outlandish stories as shopping on a Friday night! I am so wild and crazy...WOOHOO! I guess D and I have talked about some crazy stuff during Margarita Madness...does that count? :)

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