Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How is it not Friday?

Seriously, this has been the longest week EVER! We did dinner with Newco two nights in a row. Not really a big deal I guess..right? Well, you spend the day in random meetings (me less than D - sorry), to go to group lunches, stay in the office working until around 6 and then go to dinner until after 10:00 and then repeat the following day. I am sooo tired! Being "on" that long during they day is hard. D and I do not have meaningful conversations during lunch...we gossip! Dinners and lunches were really good and the players were all nice but I missed my babies, my dog, my house, my free time, my bed! Anything else? :) Not to mention email hell week! Inconsistent results, no "bounce back" notices, no idea if you did or didn't miss an email. Ever spent the day calling people just in case they sent you something? HA!

Dinner last night was the most interesting. These folks are all from the big city. One told the story of her experience of 9/11. Her husband worked on the 71st floor of the first tower. He was in the lobby in front of the elevator after having come down for a break. After the plane hit the elevator doors flew open with debris and all hell came raining down. I can only imagine! He spent the rest of the day in the area...where would you go? He watched his office, friends, life's work burn to the ground. Watched the firefighters run into the burning building knowing they could never put it out. He was also in the building in 1993 so the scale of this disaster was evident to him. She told of going to his mothers house since he is an only child and she didn't want her to be alone. Hours later she spoke to him for a couple of short minutes..he lived. He asked her to call a co-workers wife just to tell her they were together and trying to find a way out. I remember the feelings of terror watching it from my office TV just knowing we had business associates in the building. I couldn't imagine it being a loved one. Once the day was done life was far from normal. I was so intrigued by her first person account and all the parts the news the following days couldn't being to capture. I think it is fair to say that I am a news junkie. More than that, I was officially obsessed with 9/11. I remember everything from the first moment I heard, the person I saw first after hearing it on the radio, the first commercial I saw on TV days later, the start of the war. I watched it all endlessly, I read all the books, the commission report. The politics of it all are stupid to me. That day is and was about so much more.

The other story was more light hearted. His son has always been musically gifted. He was recently offered the chance to study at a world renowned performance school in NY. He was actually offered two schools. The crazy part? He has only played his instrument for two years and started it on a whim! What an awesome kid! Oh, the talent.

Tonight we should have been at Back to School night but it got moved due to some teacher changes - N's included. We came home to some very sad news...our frogs are dying? :( I didn't spray and chemicals or pesticides. The lawn is watered regularly and WallE could care less about the frogs. Why would they die? What can I do to try and save the rest? One hopped in the garage and then couldn't get out. We have laid him to rest in the backyard, we even made him a little headstone and we said a few words. The others are in their "home" so I can't get to them. A couple are still left...I hope they make it.

The glasses appear to be working - no headaches all week. I guess I am glad to have found out I don't appear to have a tumor. And while it may not be today, Friday is still coming.

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  1. Maybe I need glasses too! Because I'm sort of convinced now that I do have a brain tumor. Which, you know, I probably DON'T have.