Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, work turned out to be interesting. Not in a good way but's over now. I have a hard time relating to people that just don't get it. Maybe I am one of them and just don't know it either? I did get several fantastic Friday jokes in my somewhat limited email. I guess our email server doesn't like our newco email address...that's ok, I'm not a big fan of it either! I sadly want it to be just us again in our office with no "parent" company. I am not a fan of being the stepchildren of the organization. Monday they arrive in our office and we all have slots on the two day agenda. I don't have nearly as much as D. I feel so sorry for her. I already promised her Starbucks first thing Monday morning without asking. I really is the least I could do. I tried to help the situation the other day but I'm not sure I did.

Tonight was book club night at my house. With work, the gym and the kids back in school I didn't finish the book but no one did so that was ok. I also didn't get to cook the food so I hit Bel Air on the way home for some yummy snacks and desserts. T leaves for the big city on Monday so she will miss the next meeting. :( The other T picked the book so I need to run out and get it soon so I have lots of time to finish it. Mostly we sat around for three hours and just talked and laughed and stuffed our faces while the kids ran around. It was great. Planned a couple of extra "girls nights out" I hope we go! I loved having everyone over just hanging out and enjoying our time. We get to catch up and just relate to each other. Most are married, but not all. Most have children, but not all. Most have dogs, but not all. It was hard at the apartment with parking and I didn't live as close to everyone and we couldn't send our respective million children into the backyard. Baby J came - dang that kid is ADORABLE! I truly love the two T's too! :) I enjoy getting to know B and can't wait to see her new house.

My niece K called to spend the night so she and the boys ordered 17 Again and our watching it in the living room. Tomorrow we have some house cleaning and a trip to the Apple store and maybe LUSH if I am lucky. Well, I guess I better clean up the mess before WallE decides to do it for me and the kids are asking for popcorn. Sounds like a plan!

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