Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have decided that I can totally compromise. If Big Ben decides that living in Pittsburgh and playing football SOMEHOW sounds move fun than moving to sunny Cal to be my baby daddy then I can consider a compromise. I will instead take the drummer from Nickelback! OMG, he is lovely. :) I seem to really have a thing for drummers - I wonder how that came about? Ok, not so much the No Doubt drummer, while very entertaining and an awesome drummer, I find I can't live with the tutu.

Last night I extended my birthday fun an extra day with the Nickelback concert. My sister bought us tickets for our birthdays. We didn't realize that it started so early (on a MONDAY!) so it took a little last minute scrambling and me leaving work early (darn the bad luck) but in the end it was totally worth it. All four bands were really good live. Saving Abel opened first and then Hinder - oh that man's voice. It doesn't seem to fit his appearance at all but I could listen to it forever. Papa Roach followed - GREAT live and then Nickelback. The pyrotechnics were amazing. I don't think I have been to a concert that over the top before. The crazies were out in full force and I even took a video of one on my Blackberry. Too bad it is charging in the other room (why doesn't that battery last very long?). My sister was nice enough to watch the boys too and did so at our house so they could go to bed on time and all that back-to-school jazz. We didn't get home until after midnight and then it takes time to come off that concert high. Needless to say, my 5:30 alarm came way too soon! Of course that meant I bailed on the gym tonight...but Thursday is another chance and I am sure J also can't wait for another rousing yoga class.

Sunday's circus was so much fun. We had great seats and the boys and I loved it. E loved the cannon and the dog show. N couldn't pick a favorite but did really like the dogs too. I think the circus was a great way to spend my birthday. I did not however get any cotton candy. I know - shocking. IT WAS $12 - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! After we grabbed some lunch and ran a couple of errands before heading over to have YUMMY b-day dinner with A and the fam. A cooked the menu I requested and made me cupcakes and all the kids made me presents. They were so adorable. T made me a three dimensional sack puppet (complete with breasts), A made me a card and H made me LOTS of things and included a treasure hunt to go with it. It was so special. Nana and Papa gave me a Starbucks card (and so did D, M and my sister - I must be so predictable.). You can never have too much pre-paid Starbucks!

Today is WallE's 2nd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLE! I went on the West Coast Mastiff rescue site today and they have so many large breed dogs that need homes. Doesn't everyone want a WallE of their own? I would take them all if I could.

Nana (otherwise known as A's mom) said she didn't understand why people blog. A mentioned she only reads it to see if I say nice things about her. A - insert lots of nice things...ha! I don't write it for others to read, I like it when people read it and sometimes comment but I write it for me to read and remember all the really good and the not so great. I hope I can look back and laugh more than I cry. I want to read it one day and remember how funny I thought something the kids said or how lucky I was to get to spend the day with "insert name". That's how I roll! :)

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