Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Poor Baby!

E is sick! :( We had H at our house until around 1:00 this morning and all was great. I fell asleep around 2ish and E woke up barfing @ 5:30. I think it was mostly because of a stuffy yucky nose but still! Now he is laying on the couch with a headache. Nana called to come over for the second time and we had to cancel :( Tomorrow is N's birthday and picture day at school...I hope everyone is all better.

N is one of those kids who doesn't change much when he is sick. He does not understand the concept of being still or quiet so he runs around like nothing is out of the ordinary. My poor E is not so lucky (or I should say I'm not so lucky) he is a total man, I mean baby when it comes to being sick. He whines a lot, requires constant contact and personal maid service. His Sprite doesn't taste right, he needs a new pillow, N is "moving". It is going to be a looonnnnggg day at the W's house! No nap in sight.

N is driving his lego car over WallE's back at the moment. I don't know if WallE realizes he isn't getting a massage but is actually being turned into a race track! E is calling....

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