Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love home!

I hate business travel. Not really. I actually like the travel, its the being away from home that I don't really care for. I miss my babies and my bed. I will give it up for the hotel...that bed was AMAZING! And G picked this awesome restaurant for us to have dinner in. We normally have to eat at those places that charge you $$$ to pick between three things on the menu you don't really like. The wine is always good....especially at those places. I do love a good glass of wine but if given a choice between a restaurant that actually serves bones as an appetizer and good wine or some kick ass mexican in the hood with great margaritas....I will take the hood every dang day of the week! Last night the food was very good and normal and the wine was good too. I refrained from too much since I had to be up early to host our meeting and so that some how made me the DD. What? I had no kids and still had to be the DD...WTF? :) So not a big deal. We had a presentation at a hotel and after I am flying home and G is off to another event so he asks if I can take our projector back with me. I already have my suitcase and my "personal item" that is the size of a small country with my reading materials, purse, IPOD...but I said I thought I could figure it out. SO, after the meeting I go up to my room and try and fit this in my suitcase so I don't have to check my bags. (Our IT guy doesn't think it should be checked...damages and all.) HA! It was comical. In the end, I make it work. It requires some interesting configurations and shoes in places they don't really belong but hey it worked so off to the airport we go. What does the very nice TSA employee tell me? "Sorry Miss., we consider anything of this nature to be the same as a laptop. I am going to have to open it up." Good luck to you sir. Let me know what high heel is the one that takes out your eye as it goes flying out of my overstuffed bag! ALL of my bag was unpacked and I was left to try and cram it all back in while standing in the middle of the airport. That was certainly a highlight of my trip!

Today I got off the plan and got my babies. We went to dinner and then came home and did a puzzle together and then watched a new movie N got for his birthday. HEAVEN! I understand the human kids were good but A didn't have a great time with WallE. I don't have all the details but I am guessing it has something to do with his unwillingness to share his side of the bed? :) I am so grateful she and N were able to come over and watch all three of my babies for me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I have enough work to keep me at my desk from now until the end of time but I am still glad for Friday. Maybe D and I will hang out tomorrow? Saturday I am taking N to spend his birthday loot at Toys R Us. I need to visit my new favorite store - my local hardware store. For a small town store it has a crazy amount of things. I need a new sprinkler head, weed-eater twine....OMG! I might expire from the excitement of it all. No matter, my babies will be here.

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