Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to the middle of the week!

I'm bored! Seriously!!!! I am overstimulated and bored...again! Work, homework, housework, yardwork, more workwork, workout, and on and on! Wow, I guess I should say I am boring instead of bored - YIKES! Maybe more entertaining things could be renamed to include work so I can find time to "work" them in - shoppingwork? sexwork? bookreadingwork? moviewatchingwork? Maybe if I submit them to Webster's it will happen - yeah, I'll get right on that!

This weekend is going to be nothing but crazy and I am unprepared. We have eleventeen things to do on Saturday - Heart walk, three birthday parties, two cheer games, two soccer games and getting the house/yard ready for N's party on Sunday and then having N's party on Sunday. I finally ordered his cake and bounce house and now I need to get decorations and decide what we should eat. Since it is late afternoon and well before dinner I am leaning towards no "meal" food and more snacks. You know, the cheaper route! :) He decided on a Dora party. How much do I love that he could care less what others think and isn't afraid to show is Dora love. It is awesome.

D and I decided to start bringing our lunch to save on time and money (mostly $$$) but it is so boring to sit on our lunchroom. Not to mention she is ditching me for three work days...come on! :) Where is the love? G introduced me to an agent today and mentioned we had lots in common. What may you ask? She is getting the big D! Seriously, am I the only person in the world to have gotten divorced? I know that isn't the case - half our company has but for some reason I was singled out as being in the know. I guess I am now the Divorced-Single Mother-UW Manager. Wonder if that will fit on my business card? :) So not my first choice....oh the suggestions. I do so love G and he does nothing with malice so all is forgiven.

On a less whiny note, on our way home from the gym J and I stopped at a video store that is going out of business. I got two seasons of Dexter on DVD. I LOVE that show and now I own it. It's always On Demand but still - this is better! See how easily impresses/distracted I am. Oh, is that something shiny? HA! So easily I forget all the fun we had this summer that wasn't work related. Good think I probably blogged about it and can quit my whining and go read about it all.

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