Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gym Tonight?

Ever try to be a good friend even if you hate doing something? You do it because you think the other person likes it? Tuesday's J and I do our normal workout routine and on Thursday's we do a yoga class. I hate yoga! I don't sweat, I don't get the whole "meditation" thing, the room is dark AND I can't talk! Have you met me? :) So tonight we are running late and by the time we get to class it has started. We only where flip flops on yoga day so that meant we really couldn't do anything else so we decided to sign the kids out and just take them to dinner - productive, I know! I'm not sure how it came up but I mentioned to J that I didn't mind doing the class since she liked it but that I hated it! Guess what? SHE DOES TOO! She thought I liked was so funny. So we quit! No more yoga. We will just go back to our normal workout on both days. I am so happy. I can sweat my ass off on the elliptical and weights and listen to my blaringly loud IPOD for an hour. At the end my aggression is usually gone and I have sweated out my issues.

The gym became my outlet while I was getting divorced. I decided I could sit home and bawl my face off or scream and cry but I didn't want the boys to see me like that and I knew I had to be strong for all of us so I hit the gym instead. At that point it was five days a week, it really kept me going. I would be so tired after that I didn't need to cry - I had a lot of anger to work out on. It served it purpose for me. Now I usually just have some every day issues to work out (not to mention my bat wings and back fat are back in full force after baseball season!) and J and I get to hang out and complain about our day for a little while. I go to the gym now because I like it and not because I have to just to deal with life. I know it could have been worse, I could have picked a destructive (like lots of shopping (retail therapy) and margaritas (only when I didn't have the boys) habit to avoid dealing with my feelings but it was still just a crutch and now it isn't! I simply go for me - thankfully, most things in my life are like that now. :)

The boys and S love the kid club so we are all motivated to go. 3 days a week would be better but it's hard with the homework and all. I get some extra exercise cleaning, doing yard work and chasing my dinosaur dog!

I am just so happy to not have to "center my being with the universe" that I could do the happy dance! AND, tomorrow is Friday. I get off early so I get to pick up my babies from school and we get three days to do whatever we want! I have some projects around the house to take care of and I want to get crackin on my book club book. Not to mention a Dexter Season 3 marathon. I must re-watch it before Season 4 starts. I LOVE THAT SHOW! :)

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