Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Why does Sunday always seem to get here so fast? This weekend has been nothing like I planned but yet so much fun! Friday night J came over to shop in my closet for a wedding she had the next day and A and fam came over for dinner and ended up staying the night. We all hung out and watched TV and ate. Watched the dancing baby video..ADORABLE!

Saturday I made breakfast and we hung out some more...more eating, more TV and some nail painting. Very little cleaning, very little working, no dog bath, LOTS of kids. :) S came over for the afternoon and hung out with us for a few hours so we had 5 kids total. My dad stopped by to fix my sprinkler only to learn I had not gone to Home Depot yet. He surveyed the damage that was my house and beat a hasty retreat. :) Not before telling me he tormented my ex-BIL...I love my dad and his "get away from my daughters mentality!". Laid back is never a word I have associated with my dad. Later that day we went out to Sting Rayz and watched the Blues Houndz perform. AWESOME fun had by all. E said on the way home that "Papa is the best singer EVER!". On the way home the boys and I made a quick stop at Big Spoon - who cares that it was after 9 and I was feeding my kids frozen yogurt! I did limit them to only four toppings.

Today we got up and ate and showered and hit Toys R Us so N could spend his birthday money...that took a LONG time but he and E had lots of fun. We ran a couple other errands and hit Starbucks on the way home. The Steelers are up by 10 at the moment, my house is a DISASTER of epic portions - I feel moments away from a Clean House intervention and my dog is a big ball of stink. We are going out to an early dinner with gang in a couple of hours so bathing him now is not in the agenda, cleaning and working just keep getting pushed aside. I am protesting both for no good reason! Especially since they have no other means of completion. It's no like procrastination will make someone else come along and do it. AND - tonight is DEXTER! I can't wait. Just a few short hours until the Season 4 premier. Later this week are my silly MTV reality shows and I LOVED The Good Wife - it has been added to the Tivo rotation (PLEASE don't cancel it!). I have last nights SNL premier to watch too. I hope it's good. I loved Casey Wilson and was sad to see her go and I am not a huge Megan Fox fan so I didn't stay up to watch it. Tuesday is family skate night for the boys school and J and I swore to get back on the gym bandwagon after falling (or intentionally jumping) off last week. When will the house get cleaned, the dog bathed or all my work done between that and all the TV watching? I have no idea! Oh well, I only have to wash jeans for next week since we get to wear them EVERYDAY next week in the office...WOOHOO! It is so the little things. :)

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