Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can I finish a sentence? A thought? A.....anything?

This weekend was all the crazy it promised to be with a little extra thrown in! Friday was final prep work for our Tuesday morning meeting - this consisted of eleventeen meetings/conference calls/side conference calls/training and some errand running. After work the boys and I ran some much needed errands and then home to make sure everyone got to bed early.

Saturday morning was our Team Maddie Grace walk. My niece was born with CHD and we do the heart walk every year. This year she wore the most adorable outfit EVER! After that we came home to get our house ready for N's party on Sunday. First, a closet catastrophe. The wooden rod broke and clothes were all over the floor. So I said some curse words and got out the wood glue and went to work on my home repair. (Yes, I totally consider that task worthy of the moniker of home repair!) Closet puzzle resolved and so I go out to hit the yard work before it gets much hotter. As earlier mentioned, my lawn mower HATES me. It was really mad at me on Saturday and decided to break. I gave up and went next door to pay the neighbor kid $10 to mow but he wasn't home. SOOO...I came back and reviewed the issue and was actually able to fix it with some more cursing, lots of anger and some new screws. Lawn mowed! Weed eater - out of string half way through...LOVELY! At this point my BIL rescues me by coming over just in time to watch the five alarm fire breakout entirely too close to my house. BIL and I decided we need to get a better look to determine if we should be more than just mildly concerned. We spend the next hour watching field after field and structure after structure burn to the ground. Lucky for me the wind was blowing the fire and embers away from my house. Not so lucky for those in the line of fire. After that it was back home to clean and run some errands.

Sunday started at 5:00 am...YES! UGH. N's party wasn't until 2 and yet I couldn't sleep so I got up and finished getting some stuff ready. The bouncy house came, the people came, the pizza and cake came and a good time was had by all. N is a great present person. He responds with such enthusiasm for everything, even the clothes. After the party we went to A's house for dinner. YUM - Nachos. :) Delicious.

Yesterday was a true Monday. I made it to work all day and then came home and CRASHED. I made the boys grilled cheese for dinner - for dinner? Seriously! We then stopped the ice cream man for what is likely the last time this summer. E is still getting over his bug so he fell asleep early so N and I watched the game (the only reason to ever love Monday) and did some I Spy books (love them!).

I had a big meeting today and when I got back I found out my grandma's sister passed away. :( My grandma is the oldest of 8 kids and now she is the only one still alive. She was sad and I had already canceled my concert plans due to my trip tomorrow (Hi Ladies - hope you are enjoying The Killers..sorry I missed i!) so the boys and I took her out to dinner and then to the store just to get her out of the house. She is an adorable grandma and we love her so much. UGH - I am still sad I missed the show tonight but I am glad A was able to use the ticket. I LOVE The Killers and they kept playing them on the radio today. I just felt so terrible about the thought of having the boys with a sitter two nights in a row...even if one was work related...it just didn't seem right and plus, I will miss them tomorrow while I am in LA. I know that A and N will take great care of all three of my boys. They are going to have a good fight on their hands with WallE - he is going to kick one of them off his side of the bed. :) I almost wish I could be here to see who wins. HA!

If I make it to this weekend it should be decidedly less insane and possibly even include a moment or two of peace...maybe, just maybe!

I should so be packing and/or working and/or cleaning right now. Think I will go play with the kids instead. Happy Not Monday!

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