Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have no idea why I stopped blogging...I guess it just didn't fit in the summer schedule. I miss it. I have continued to read all the blogs I follow.

Let's see...where to start! The boys are getting ready to start school..a new school. Our old one closed. They are excited and so am I. We have done all our shopping. Next week we will get hair cuts, find out our teachers names, have an ice cream social and then start....very exciting times!

Coach and I are still seeing each other. We spend a lot of time with our kids and that has been fun. Not sure what it all means or where it will go or where I want it to go...time will tell I guess. It is mostly fun, we laugh a lot. The kids adore each other. I adore all the kids.

Time together without kids has been few and far between. PTD became a world class loser! He no longer sees the boys and hasn't for months. He doesn't call, he doesn't pay and he doesn't return phone calls. I wish him death...I know that is terrible to say but you already broke my babies hearts you mother fucker so you may happily go straight to hell! And FUCK OFF! No nice way to say that. I HATE YOU! I basically told your mother that on the phone the other day!

We went camping over part of the 4th of July weekend, spent time in SF, went on LOTS of bike rides, went to the movies, had a yard sale, switched some things up at the house. Over all a great summer. The kids are getting too big and no longer wanting to do little kid stuff. :( Where the heck are my babies.

Maybe I will try and remember to do this more often......

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  1. You can come get your baby fix at my house pretty soon!