Monday, August 16, 2010

School was a hit! The boys both love their teachers and the new school...even the after school program. Two days of school and two days off sounded like a good idea to them.

After school we went and had ice cream like usual and heard all the details of the day. N ended up with his BEST FRIEND in class. He was so brave going into class thinking he didn't know any other kids and then was surprised with his buddy. I was so happy for him. E knew lots of kids in his class and seemed pretty unconcerned about the whole new school thing.

Friday night we went to the G family's house for dinner again. I am so going to steal that baby. We had lots of wine (again), yummy food (again), hot tub party (again) and stayed up way too late. Saturday we went to their daughter's soccer game and then over to my parents house for dinner and swimming and water sliding. Got to spend some time talking with my dad and just hanging out.

Sunday was major house cleaning day...UGH! It was a task but it was much needed. Now the garage needs to be cleaned and the rest of the yard sale stuff donated to charity. I have a wish list of other things I would like to "fix" around the house. None of them are actual broken things...just the stuff I want to change. Nothing will be happening soon but it's good to have ideas ready should I come into a large influx of cash...yeah, that is so going to happen any day now!

This week is pretty low key for us. Chicago fam over tonight and back to school later in the week and that is just about it for us. Maybe some garage cleaning mid-week - oh that sounds like so much fun! I figure homework will start any day now.....even more fun!

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