Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shut your mouth!

I have a serious problem with this. You would think based on the amount of input I provide that my life was perfect. So not the case so please tell me why I can't seem to keep my opinion to myself about anything lately. It is a fucking epidemic.

Coach and his kids, D enjoying her remodel, J & A and the meds that little A is going to be taking..anything and everything. I swear I need to tape my damn mouth closed. Thank GOD these people like me enough so far to continue to talk to me but if I don't shut up soon I am going to be giving my opinion to WallE about how to properly lick his backside...UGH!

I give in...I will still have way too much to say but I am going to try and only say it in my head for a little while. My perpetual need to get it done and "help" those I care about is kicking my ass (or more like kicking the ass of everyone else)...not fun!


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