Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Update....

Friday night I took my Grandma to the cemetery to visit with my Grandpa and then the boys and I ran some errands with Coach and his son. We made a quick stop at Rubio's for dinner and then I raced home because A & J decided to come over and hang out. The girlies had wanted to watch a movie I got the other day so they came to watch it with the boys and we decided to have a cocktail or two and hang out. WE HAD FUN! :) The kids watched the movie, we laughed a lot, I took the kids on a bike ride around the block a few 11:00. :) They stayed and played until after midnight.

Saturday we had lunch for my nieces birthday at Spaghetti Factory downtown...all 20 of us! It was fun. Little M showed me her cheers - OMG! so cute. We just hung out the rest of the day. I made dinner for all of us and then we decided to take the kids on a bike ride again, at a more reasonable hour. E & N both got flat tires so we walked out bikes back home. Later that night Coach and all the kids were over to hang out a bit. We chatted and just hung out.

Today we cleaned house - FUN, ran to the store - OH THE EXCITEMENT! and then went to A's parents for the girls birthday party - Ok that really was fun! I got to snuggle the baby, hang out with the besties, chat with my "other family" and I was even nice. I was polite when the need arose, had yummy cupcakes, had some champagne with the ladies and chatted with my "boyfriend" (otherwise known as J's step dad - he is adorable and so funny). The kids are watching a movie and I am sitting on the couch. E just came out and said he thought he might barf...PLEASE NO! He isn't sure why - his tummy doesn't hurt but he still thinks he might. If you are - better now than later - you start school in four days! BE WELL!

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