Monday, August 30, 2010

Boys Weekend

This weekend was all about the boys! Friday night we just hung out at home....we had a big day planned on Saturday.

Saturday morning the boys got to go out to Sac State and participate in a baseball clinic featuring the Sac State coaching staff, team and several professional players. It was AWESOME! They had the best time. The clinic was favorite part! :) If the boys were older it would have been a little more exciting. They had scouts from six major league teams in attendance...could you imagine!?! N felt the need to tell them that he was really only know, since you had to be eight to participate in the clinic. The lady just laughed and let him play anyways. He was super nervous before it started and wasn't sure he wanted to play and I think he ended up having the best time. The players really tried to impress on the kids the importance of school and playing outside rather than video games and txt'ing. Overall - a great experience for all of us.

After the clinic we went home and relaxed a little, changed and ate dinner before we headed over to ARCO to watch the MegaTriples ASA BMX show. I got a email earlier in the week for $10 tix. This happened last year with the circus. The seats ended up being really good but I also have a friend that works part time at the arena and he ended up getting us moved to the front row floor. The kids got to high-five the riders. It was awesome! I did repeat often that they should not go home and try any of these tricks in the front yard. DO NOT DO IT! :) These kids (and men) were amazing. I paid more to park my car in the lot than I did to park my kids butt in a seat.

So basically they spent the morning touching pro baseball players and the evening touching pro-BMX riders...I wasn't sure I was going to get them to take a shower! :)

They had a great time at both and I loved watching them. We got some ice cream after the show and then home to play a little more Price Is Right.

Sunday we had pizza with my family and then went on a bike ride. Other than that it was pretty low key day. Not nearly enough cleaning or laundry happened at my house so that is a must this week.

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