Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I wish I knew what my problem was...I am UGH! My birthday sucked...seriously. It was a Monday, I had to work late, I had no plans, kids still needed to be taken care of...and so on. D and M took me to lunch so that was a shining spot. Got lots of FB birthday wishes. Gift cards as gift. Ever wonder if everyone gives you gift cards because they know you love to shop or because they don't really know you?

The kids are good, fighting and whining about school (mostly N!) and throwing fits about anything. The house is a mess and money is crazy tight because assface still doesn't feel compelled to do anything. Work sucks and I haven't gone to they gym in forever.

All I want to to is cry...constantly. I am really trying not to. I stay busy at home and work. I get excited for others good news and I try very hard to count my blessings and I know they are many. It just isn't working. I keep trying to instill that positive attitude but it is eluding me...big time!

Damn, that was so whiny and it makes me glad know one else reads this is so stupid..wish I didn't really feel this way.....

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