Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I Did on My Christmas Vacation....

1. Spent EVERY single day with my boys!
2. Loved the Christmas Eve service at church...very kid centric and ran into friends from high school that I love!
3. Got the surprise of a lifetime! I friend bought me an amazing gift, a totally unexpected gift, a gift that came with the most thoughtful note, one that I have salivated over for months. I am the proud owner (and frequent user) of a NookColor.
4. Went to the movies with the boys on a random Monday afternoon. :)
5. Went to the San Jose Mission so E could see first hand the mission he was writing about.
6. Had many a kid sleepovers.
7. Watched terrible TV...lots of it!
8. Had a kick ass NYE party with a more kids.
9. Stayed up late and slept in (kind of...these kids don't sleep).
10. Played a million games of Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble Flash....
11. Made no silly resolutions that I have no intention of keeping.
12. Made one resolution I do intend to keep - Dead Beat Dad look out! I am coming for you this year. These boys deserve better than what you don't bother to give them.

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