Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm tired! Things always seem to be the same.

I am really excited for the boys to start school. I know they are excited too. New clothes, backpacks, lunch pails, shoes...the works. New school, teachers, friends.

Sometimes...I want that! Work is the same, and oh so fun! The house never seems to stay clean. I spend all weekend cleaning and then it is thrashed. My niece isn't helping in that at all. Tomorrow is the last day so I am just letting it go until then. I am frustrated to be worrying about money again. Loser isn't paying and this month child care will run me about $1,200! I have two weeks of summer care, one 3 wk month of school care and then I have to pay September at the end of August and it is a 5 wk month...YIKES! School clothes and all those extra expenses have just been taxing at the moment.

Ironically, when I think about it I really don't want much more than I have. Life is good. I love what I do, I just wish it was more like before the buyout and for more $$$. I wish I wasn't struggling with the financial aspect. Considering I have been careful with my decisions and this is a result of someone else it is hard to take sometimes. I love my babies, my friends and fam...and don't need anything else in that department. So I guess it is just less work stress and more $$$. Gosh, $$ worries..I must be the only one (whine, whine, whine) Target is just going to have to deal with the lose of revenue!

The kids are happy and I have been spending time with the BFF's a lot and with school back in our schedule should be back to normal soon. Grandma L will be here soon and I can't wait to see her and the kids.

Just a little funky lately....made some cookies...maybe that will turn it around! :)

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