Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lessons learned

Tonight after dinner the boys and I went and picked up my grandma and took her out for ice cream. It was a surprise visit so she wasn't ready to "go out" funny! Grandma we are going to small town ice cream and you look fine but no way. She had to comb her hair, change her pants and find some different shoes. The boys were playing with the dog so I sat on the couch. Something fell on the floor and I bent down to pick it up. They were old cards, Easter cards, a Birthday card. They were addressed to my grandma and they were from my grandpa. I started to cry. My grandpa has been gone for over ten years and she is still reading his cards. She misses him still today. She mentioned at ice cream that she hadn't been to see him in a long time. "No one likes to go to the cemetery you know." So I promised to take her after work tomorrow. We chatted a little more while we ate our pineapple sherbet and then she mentioned really needing some groceries so we hit up the store. Once she was done the boys bagged her groceries and we helped put them away when we got home. I don't visit often enough.....

My grandparents were married in their early 20's and were married for over 50 years before my grandpa passed away. Why settle for someone you won't miss after they have been gone for 10 years. There are people I don't miss the second they are out the door. If I was ever to decide to do the whole marriage thing again it would have to be with someone that would still miss me 10 years later, someone I would miss right back. I seriously doubt that is even possible so I guess it isn't likely and that's ok. To know that someone I love had that kind of relationship is awesome.

Tomorrow when I take her to see him she will tell him little things and I will listen. The boys have never been but heard us talking so they want to come. I think they are old enough to understand what is happening and they didn't know my grandpa so they won't be "missing him" the same is if we were visiting someone they knew. I will be. I love my grandpa. He was the only one I knew growing up. He was so funny and knew every kind of plant in the yard...and I am talking HUNDREDS! He could grow a garden like no ones business. What a story teller too. I wish the boys could have known him.

She doesn't know I saw the cards and she doesn't need to. My grandpa knows she is still reading them and thinking of him after all this time and that is enough.


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  1. That is such a sweet post, tears were almost flowing. Your grandpa sounds like he was a great guy!