Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long time coming......

Baseball is finally over and I feel like I might resemble a normal person soon....probably not!

The boys are done with school. N got straight A's and E had a couple of B's to go with his A's. AMAZING kids. We got into the school we wanted for next year. What a relief.

Summer brought a lot of other changes for us...some good and some not so much. The boys dad has disappeared. No longer paying any child support or portion of my outrageous summer day care expenses. Even leaving me with some old debit from our past provider. Hasn't called the boys or returned any of my numerous messages. E is having a hard time understanding and not being worried that I am going to leave him too. N really doesn't seem to care. Since the other place was soo expensive, my niece is watching them for the summer at a slightly discounted rate. Still way more than I can afford. It really sucks! I didn't plan on footing the bill alone while cleaning up his past expenses. It will really cut out our summer vacation plans but we will figure it out. Paying, or lack of paying, has never kept him from the boys before so I really don't understand why he is ignoring them now. Only time will tell I guess.

Doing some work around the house and yard (cheap work) and trying to have some fun. Swimming at grandpa's and getting to meet my niece for the first time and she is five! Family issues have kept my "step-brother" from bringing her around. Hopefully that has changed.

Lots of time spent with friends just hanging out!

Coach and I are still seeing each other. Kids and all! Had all the kids together for a few days during the Memorial Day holiday...including a trip to the beach. A couple of all out sleepovers...five kids deep. :) I am sure I have a lot more on that front but we will still have to wait and see. Wishing good things....PLEASE! :)

I know I have so much more to say but I just can't think of it...maybe I will catch up blog as I remember. I can't count the number of times I have gone back and read things to enjoy and remember. I don't think I have wanted to face what a nightmare the situation with loser has become and the impact it is having on our lives...financially and emotionally. I hope we all come out better for it in the end.

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  1. Clearly I haven't been in Blogland for awhile...as I'm catching myself up I keep asking, "Who's that?" and wondering what's going on. We need to meet for a Starbucks date soon (or dinner, or shopping, or something!).